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My Story

As a family caregiver, I understand the value of your time. I also understand that if you are visiting our site, you have a personal need and desire to assure your caregiving efforts are providing a life changing impact for your loved one(s).


Total Linked Care is the result of my own personal struggle that is shared with almost every other family caregiver that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the past decade, managing and monitoring daily medications for my mom.


Today, there are an overwhelming number of dispensers on the market claiming to improve medication adherence, the ability to eliminate unpleasant parts of the process, and claiming that non-adherence will suddenly disappear. If only it was that simple.


With Total Linked Care, we went to the source of the problem and reverse engineered a revolutionary solution. We simply asked, what is so difficult about the process of taking medication?


We received hundreds of personal reasons but the one common thread shared by all was the inconvenience of the current process which lead us on a decade long R & D mission. Our goal was to develop a simple and convenient way of taking daily medications.


The result is Total Linked Care, a smart medication management system.



I look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Tom Carson - Founder

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