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  • Why is Total Linked Care a month-to month subscription?
    As family caregivers, we understand the importance of trusted relationships. At Total Linked Care we are committed to delivering a personal membership experience that delivers unparalleled peace of mind. We believe the best way to serve our clients is to provide the personal flexibility that can only be delivered through a membership. The membership allows you the flexibility to use Total Linked Care as long as you need.
  • Why does Total Linked Care use dose packages?
    Total Linked Care dose packages end the limitation found with other ways of dispensing. The dose packages can dispense all solid medications without limitations, including gummies and 1/2 pills.
  • How many pills can Total Linked Care dispense?
    The Total Linked Care dose package has a capacity of ten or more pills.
  • How many dose packages come with Total Linked Care?
    The Total Linked Care dispenser includes 84 reusable dose packages. The dose packages come in six plastic sleeves of fourteen dose packages per sleeve that are numbered for organized filling.
  • Who fills the Total Linked Care dose packages?
    The dose packages are filled by a family member or person who is using the dispenser.
  • How are dose packages filled?
    The dose packages are filled with the same medications being placed into the same numbered dose package. The same medications will be placed in all fourteen of the same numbered packages.
  • How difficult is it to fill the dose packages?
    Filling a Total Linked Care dose package is the same process as filling a day compartment in a weekly pill box. The difference is you will be filling fourteen versus one at a time. A fully loaded Total Linked Care cartridge programmed for one dose time per day dispenses for 12 weeks between refills.
  • What is the advantage to a dose package?
    The dose package provides freedom and convenience. The Total Linked Care dose package supports active lifestyles with access to daily medications at home or on the go. It also delivers all medications needed for a dose from a single convenient package which eliminates the multiple step process of taking multiple medications.
  • What is the programmable cartridge?
    The Total Linked Care dispenser features one removeable programmable cartridge. The cartridge has six numbered programmable slots. Each slot has a capacity to hold 14 dose packages.
  • How do you load the cartridge with dose packages?
    You load each cartridge slot with the matching numbered dose packages. It is best to start loading the first dose package from the bottom of the cartridge. After the first dose package has been placed, you can start dropping the remaining dose packages from the top of the slot. Make sure to place same numbered packages into corresponding slots. Make sure dose package lids are completed closed.
  • How do you program the cartridge for dispensing?
    The Total Linked Care programming is done through a secure web-portal. Each slot can be programmed to meet the personal needs of the recipient receiving the doses from the cartridge slot.
  • What are the programmable dispensing options?
    Dispensing options for each cartridge slot include: by day (certain days of the week), daily (times of day), and as needed dispensing.
  • How do you dispense to more than one user?
    Each slot features personalized programming options that include assigning the cartridge slot to an individual user.
  • How long does a cartridge last?
    There are many factors to consider. However, if you load the dispenser for one dose time per day for a single user, the cartridge will have the ability to dispense for 12 weeks.
  • How do I load the cartridge into the dispenser?
    The cartridge is directional and slides into the dispenser on a rail system which is located on the right side of the dispenser through an access door. The door has a lock for secure cartridge storage.
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  • How do I program the dispenser?
    All programming is performed through the web-portal via a secure account. Account access and programming can be performed remotely by a smart phone or connected device.
  • How easy is it to program the dispenser?
    All required settings feature dropdown menu selections for convenience. Each field comes with a brief description which is found by hovering over the "?" by each section.
  • Can I personalize the dispenser for each recipient?
    From alert options to dose instructions, Total Linked Care can deliver an unparalleled personal experience.
  • What programming is done on the dispenser?
    There is no programming performed on the dispenser. Only internet connection is completed on the dispenser by connecting it to Wi-Fi or hardwired via ethernet cable.
  • What do I need to connect the dispenser?
    The dispenser requires internet connection for programming and monitoring. The dispenser features both a wired and wireless connection option.
  • How do I get my dose from the dispenser?
    At dose time, the dispenser will alert the recipient via an audio and visual queue, instructing the recipient to touch the screen. When the screen is touched, the recipient is prompted on screen to open the drawer to dispense the dose package. The package will need to be removed to take the medication.
  • What are some other dispensing options?
    Dose times can include an optional dose advance feature allowing the recipient to advance their scheduled dose. This can include an optional SMS to the recipient at the scheduled dose time. This feature is beneficial individuals with active lifestyles. A cartridge slot can be loaded and programmed for As Needed medications which allow access to the first dose with timed managed access to each additional dose via the dispenser touch screen. The camera feature can be enabled in dispenser settings. If enabled, the dispenser will take a time/stamped photo of who dispensed the medication. This photo can be viewed in the report feature in the secure online account. The PIN feature can be enabled in dispenser settings. If enabled, the recipient must first enter a PIN before being able to dispense the medication. The dispenser can also be set for notifications about medications kept outside the dispenser or for daily reminders.


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