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Your monthly subscription allows you access to a Total Linked Care Membership. Your membership comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If a subscription is cancelled following the 30-day period, the client will be billed for the current subscription month. After cancellation, the Total Linked Care Dispenser must be returned in working condition. There will be a $400 charge for any Total Linked Care Dispenser that is returned in nonworking condition. See Terms of Service for warranty limitations. The Total Linked Care Dispenser has a lifetime warranty against material defect and workmanship. Please refer to the User’s Manual and online material provided for proper use, storage, restrictions, and handling for the Total Linked Care Dispenser.

If a recurring monthly payment is not made, I understand that connection to my Total Linked Care Membership will be disconnected and I will no longer be able to view my reports or receive medication reminders, notifications, missed doses, and other device notices. Wi-Fi or hardwired internet is a requirement for the functionality of the Total Linked Care Dispenser. If I fail to keep the Total Linked Care Dispenser connected to the internet, As Directed Plus, LLC does not assume responsibility and liability for delayed software updates for continued functionality.

I understand that I, and not As Directed Plus, LLC, am responsible for filling the Total Linked Care Dispenser accurately and taking the dispensed medications. I agree that if the Total Linked Care Dispenser is used improperly from its specified functions, As Directed Plus, LLC is not responsible for the result.

I agree that it is not As Directed Plus, LLC’s responsibility to protect me from any adverse reactions that may be caused by the medications. The Doctor(s) prescribing the medications and the Pharmacist that prepares the prescriptions are responsible for making sure the medications are safe to take. I agree that if prompts/alarms are not answered, and/or I fail to fill the Total Linked Care Dispenser on time or accurately, it is my sole responsibility. I agree that As Directed Plus LLC is not responsible nor liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from missed doses or incorrect doses.

I fully agree to the above conditions.

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