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Smart Family
Medication Dispenser

Welcome to the future of family medication management. Total Linked Care is a convenient smart dispenser that ends medication stress and confusion.

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If you're a family caregiver, we have great news. Total Linked Care is the first medication management, delivery, monitoring, and reporting system designed by family caregivers that guarantees you the peace of mind you desire.


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If you are dealing with a complicated medication regiment and are looking to improve your adherence, Total Linked Care will help end your stress and confusion with simple convenience.

"Using TLC has definitely reduced the anxiety towards his mom taking the correct medications and taking her medications at the right time. It's been convenient and has allowed us the ability to go out of town and know that she is taking her medication. It's a life saver!"



"Connected care from 10,000 feet. I was enjoying a day of snow skiing when I received the text notifying me that the dispenser alarm timed out. I made a call to check on my mom who said she didn’t hear the alarm. I was able to put her on speaker, login to my account and reset the alarm while she was on the phone with me. I heard her dispense her medications, received a text and photo of her while on my skis, on top of a mountain 200 miles away. WOW!"




How it works

Total Linked Care Dispenser

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Family Medication Dispensing
  • Up to 12 weeks dispensing

  • 6 programmable cartridge slots-personalized dispensing for each recipient

Medications by Dose
  • Up to 60 different medications

  • Not limited by pill size or compound

  • Convenient reusable dose packages

Family Medication Dispensing

  • Each dose with TLC is an interactive personal care experience

  • Right dose at the right time

  • Multiple recipient capability

Interactive Personal Care

Supports Active Lifestyles
  • Ability to dispense daily medications to more than one recipient.
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Personalized Reports
  • The TLC adherence report takes medication lists to a new level of peace of mind.
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Interactive Connected Care
  • Each dose is an interactive experience that assures medications are dispensed as directed. background.png

How it Works

Dose Dispensing

One touch dose dispensing. Touch screen and follow video queues to dispense dose package. Optional personalized dose messaging via on screen or voice recording.

As Needed Medication

As needed medications are managed by time intervals. Example, every four hours. After the first dispense of the day, the dispenser will manage the next dose availability when allotted time is up.

Notification/Message Only

Dispenser can be set up for notifications about medications kept outside the dispenser or for daily reminders.

Dose Advancing

Dose advance options for active users. Advance dose ahead of scheduled time, take the dose package with you and receive a text message letting you know it it time for your dose.

PIN Dispensing

Optional PIN dispensing. Create a user PIN for dispensing dose packages.

Camera Enabled

Optional camera enabled to get time stamped photo of dispensing.

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