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Finally, a simple and convenient medication solution for family caregivers!

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Assisting a loved one with daily medications has long been the starting point 
and one of the most frustrating activities of caregiving. 
It can be overwhelming for all and is a constant point of daily worry. 

Founder/CEO/Family Caregiver - Tom Carson

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Simple, Convenient Daily Medications

The Total Linked Care smart dispenser features a patented design for simple, convenient, one touch use. It is able to dispense all pills and manage all medications for one or more recipients.
  • Dispense to more than one user
  • All medications
  • One-touch personal care

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Total Linked Care is a comprehensive patented smart medication dispenser for the entire family. Dose package dispensing offers simple convenience for anyone taking daily medications without the limitations of other pill dispensers.  Individual dose packages allow the dispenser to be used by more than one individual at multiple dose times.

Created by family caregivers, the Total Linked Care software delivers life changing personal connected care assistance for multiple recipients. Total Linked Care is the only dispenser that can dispense daily medication doses to more than one recipient.

Interactive Care (IC) Software

Total Linked Care IC software offers interactive personal care assistance. 

Developed with the input of family caregivers and those who take complex daily medications, IC offers comprehensive options for complete personalization with on-the-minute programming. 

Our software is innovative in remote care assistance. So powerful, it is like you are with your loved one when they take their medications.

Total Linked Care Reviews

We have used the Total Linked Care dispenser for several weeks now and we are extremely pleased with the convenience, ease of use and in particular the dose reminders that keep us on schedule, regardless of how busy our day.

Not only do I no longer have to think about taking my daily medications but knowing my son is connected to the dispenser makes me feel safe. I know that if I miss an alarm he will call and check on me.
Using TLC has definitely reduced the anxiety towards his mom taking the correct medications and taking her medications at the right time. It’s been convenient and has allowed us the ability to go out of town and know that she is taking her medication. It’s a life saver!
Connected care from 10,000 feet. I was enjoying a day of snow skiing when I received the text notifying me that the dispenser alarm timed out. I made a call to check on my mom who said she didn’t hear the alarm. I was able to put her on speaker, login to my account and reset the alarm while she was on the phone with me. I heard her dispense her medications, received a text and photo of her while my skis, on top of a mountain 200 miles away. WOW!

I wasn’t thrilled about having to fill the dose packages. I have been filling my weekly pill box for years and it is not an activity I look forward to doing. Especially since I fill three per week for my three dose times. My husband heard about Total Linked Care from a friend and decided to try it. When I saw it come out of the box I really pushed back on the idea. I thought this is not going to be any easier. George assured me if I didn’t like it once I tried it, we could return it. I reluctantly helped him load the dose packages and cartridge. We finished and he said, that wasn’t too bad, it took fourteen minutes. He programmed the dispenser, loaded it and my daily medications have never been more convenient. Thank you!

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