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How Total Linked Care Works

Interactive personal care for family caregivers. The peace of mind you desire, knowing your loved ones are taking their daily medications as directed.

Dose Dispensing

One touch dose dispensing. Touch screen and follow video queues to dispense dose  package. Optional personalized dose messaging via on screen or  voice recording.

Dose Advancing

Dose advance options for active users. Advance dose ahead of scheduled time, take the dose package with you and receive a text message letting you know it is time for your dose.

As Needed Medications

As needed medications are managed by time intervals. Example, every four hours. After the first dispense of the day, the dispenser will manage the next dose availability when allotted time is up.

PIN Dispensing

Optional PIN dispensing. Create a user PIN for dispensing dose packages.

Notification/Message Only

Dispenser can be set up for notifications about medications kept outside the dispenser or for daily reminders.

Camera Enabled

Optional camera enabled to get time stamped photo of dispensing.
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